I’m Hannah, a photographer based in South West England, thank you for taking the time to look through my work. I have been capturing the beauty of life through photography for almost fifteen years.

The name Grace & Wild is inspired by my name, Hannah (meaning grace) and my mission to raise awareness of our connection to the natural world through wilder living. Rewilding is the concept of restoring the natural environment and invites us to live more harmoniously with nature, as a response to the current state of society.

Grace also serves as a reminder to maintain the practices of gratitude, kindness and compassion. I hope to share the qualities of Grace & Wild through my work as a photographer, and that it can serve as a platform to nature-connection.

If you are looking to capture a natural style for your brand, event or wedding, or perhaps you’re a nature-based business, I’d love to hear from you.

Link to personal work.